Asset search

Asset search and trace accounts for a high volume of our workload. Over the past five years we have had an increasing number of requests for high level asset searches. Is this linked with the recent recession we have endured as a nation? Who knows, what we can say is that we have had to change our approach to asset searching. The amounts and values have risen significantly over the years but the objective remains the same, to make a judgement as to whether or not there is anything of value or so that a Court can make a fair decision when dealing with settlement matters.

We are commonly finding now that the most beneficial technique of finding hidden assets is through surveillance. It is now commonplace for asset searches to be commenced with a period of surveillance on the subject of enquiry. The intelligence this surveillance often reveals can then be used along with traditional research methods to look at the ownership of various potential assets. In the past it has led us to boats, yachts, vehicles, additional properties, overseas holiday homes, rental properties, banks and other secure storage facilities that could never have been uncovered without the surveillance.

The problem with “Asset Searching” is that the cost can be more that the debt that is owed, or can outweigh any settlement, however, as most almost amounts are substantial the rise in asset
searching enquiries is set to continue and as we can boast around a 70% success rate we will continue to assist clients with this type of enquiry.

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