Cheating partner signs

Cheating partner enquiries are one of the most common reasons we are contacted. Here is a list of 10 very common changes in patterns of behaviour that make up our most common cheating partner signs.

1. Gut feeling: Very often, you just know something is wrong, it’s a knot in your stomach and you probably feel it before you even notice the change in any behaviour patterns.

2. Your partner is never around. All of sudden it dawns on you that whereas once you used to do things together, he/she is always busy or out with friends and never at home. Or, they will not accompany you shopping like they used to, so they can be at home and have privacy to use the phone or internet. Once upon a time they would just be around and now it seems they will not do things with you so they can just be alone.

3. Excuses. Suddenly they are late home and the traffic has been terrible, or an unexplained period of absence will be that the car broke down… but it has just had its MOT. Or, I had to drop a friend off…. right on the other side of town. Sudden meetings that keep them late at the office or out of town on overnight trips or team building exercises that take them away for the weekend or boys’ holidays away. The list is endless but they are all excuses we have heard and are classic cheating partner signs especially when they don’t make sense. As time goes on they will probably become more fanciful and crop up more frequently as they have to cover their tracks more and more.

4. Changes in the bedroom, and not just less sex, different partners behave in different ways but it can often be more adventurous and outside of what you have become accustomed to, as if they have been learning a few new tricks. Often the guilt of their affair can lead to an increase in bedroom shenanigans as they compensate.

5. Suddenly you notice you are no longer good enough and everything you do bothers them. Even the things they used to like about you, like your jokes or attitude are reversed. It’s a psychological reaction as they try to justify to themselves the reasons as to why they are cheating on you.

6. There is somebody new on the scene, a friend or colleague that they will sometimes accidentally let slip about. Repeated mentions should be a source of concern as a one-off is unlikely to alert you.

7. Secrecy and privacy. Suddenly their mobile phone is on silent so you can’t hear incoming texts or alerts, or they have upgraded the security and put passwords or keypad pins in place to prevent access. They used to leave their phone on the side in the hallway but now it is permanently on them and never out of hands reach. The ultimate cheating partner sign is finding an extra mobile phone that you didn’t know about.

8. Deleted call history, texts and emails. There is always a trail of activity for them to arrange meetings and secret liaisons with their new love and they will be conscious of this and attempt to hide it. Check the internet history and browser records, look for deletions of cookies and cache. Prior to the affair they wouldn’t have deleted anything as they had nothing to hide. Remember most of these things can be retrieved.

9. Your cheating partner may have picked up the “other person” in their car. When you get in it afterwards they will invariably be paranoid and uncomfortable, unsure if there might be some evidence they have missed, an ear-ring for example or an inexplicable hair. It is a great technique to test them at short or no notice and watch them squirm with discomfort.

10. They are just plain weird, and a cheating partner will often change their body language. Crossed arms, lack of contact, frowning and never standing next to you all help create distance and is another psychological barrier they put up to protect themselves against you.

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