Matrimonial Investigation Case Study

Matrimonial investigations are one of the most frequent enquiries we receive. Many clients (both male and female) are embarrassed and don’t know how to start the conversation. Be assured that our experienced private detectives have heard most of it before and can guide you through the process. You have already done the hardest part by picking up the phone.

We thought we would share our most recent matrimonial investigation with you so you can understand what happens. We have a notably marked increase in enquiries and matrimonial investigations during the festive season.

Cheating partner signs

Our London private investigators were contacted by a concerned wife who had noticed her husband had four Christmas events this year compared to one last year. And to make matters worse, the one she went to last year it had been decided that wives and partners were not being invited! Other gut feelings and evidence had triggered her to call in a private detective agency. One of the main reasons she contacted us was her requirement for extreme discretion due to the high profile position of her husband’s work. Our top 10 cheating partner signs and full list of suspicious activities that often trigger matrimonial investigations can be found here.

The Matrimonial Investigation

The business executive was supposedly attending all of these events in London. They lived beyond the M25. Our private investigators fitted a tracker to his vehicle to monitor his movements. On the first evening in question he left home at the time expected but instead of heading into London drove to the south coast. Our agents tracked the vehicle and the following morning agents were on site to watch the husband leave an address, kissing a lady goodbye on the doorstep as he departed. Photographic evidence was taken and a full written report supplied to the client.

The next week our agents monitored the GPS tracker as the vehicle left the home residence. The cheating partner drove to a train station and parked. Our private investigators boarded the train with him as he went to central London. They called ahead so a surveillance team was ready for when he arrived. The target then took a taxi. He proceeded to a bar and restaurant at a posh London hotel to suitably impress the same lady from the previous week. After dinner they proceeded to have a few more drinks in the bar before heading to the room for the evening.

Our London private investigators had the cheating partners under covert surveillance again when they had breakfast together the following morning. After this they went to an art gallery and departed ways. Photo and video was again supplied to the client. This showed them having dinner and holding hands as they walked around central London. The surveillance report always gives factual information from what we have observed.

After presenting the video and photographic evidence, our client decided that although she now accepted he was having an affair, she wanted to know what the next weekend would bring. This was because additional information had come to light more recently. Not only was there a Christmas dinner with clients on the Wednesday evening but he would also be on back to back meetings in London on the Thursday and Friday. He was then having further drinks with old friends on Friday evening and staying over before returning home on Saturday.

Another classic sign of a cheating partner are the excuses that suddenly keep them from home.

Our surveillance team continued covert observations. This time the subject of enquiry drove down to the south coast. Leaving the car they then boarded a train together into London. They then made their way to St. Pancras International. Our team of agents always carry a passport as we are always ready to work both nationally and internationally. Fortunately, our agents had overheard the couples’ plan on the train in and managed to phone ahead to book tickets.

The couple spent the next two nights in Paris before returning on Sunday. A full written report with photo evidence was supplied to the client.

So, if you have a nagging feeling about your husband or wife, their changes in behaviour, or they are suddenly secretive over their mobile phone and have more reasons to be away from home, have a look through our cheating partner signs. If you want more advice, please give us a call on 0207 993 5923 or email us on We will assess your case and give you a free, no obligation quote. This is exactly what we did for this client. Although she was not happy her husband was cheating, she was happy to have all the evidence to commence divorce proceedings because of infidelity and unreasonable behaviour of her cheating partner.

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