At Central Investigations many clients require vetting work or background enquiries completing. These clients range from high profile companies and employers to celebrities and public personalities and the general public. They are often just checking up on potential new employees “This CV is just too good to be true” or for those in the public eye they may want to know “What is in the closet?” The fear of what might come to haunt them later on or affect their reputation if they become associated with a new person in their life who doesn’t have a bona fide background..

This service is also frequently engaged by concerned family members over new relationships and potential “Walter Mitty” type characters. Is there a pattern of history that needs investigating? Has he/she done this before? What is their background? Is he/she who they say they are? Why is my 80 year old father suddenly wishing to marry this much younger woman he has known for three weeks?

At Central Investigations we will always give you a fixed fee quote to check on the background of an individual. We will look to cover not only specific information that you supply and want corroborating, but on top of this we will look at previous addresses, relationships, work history, CCJ and insolvency, etc. It will often involve deploying agents to speak with people on the ground and might be coupled with surveillance. Please see our testimonials page.

A little money spent on a background enquiry can save both physical fortunes and embarrassment later on.

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