Specialist Investigations & Other Services

To help guide you through the myriad of services we can offer you, here are some more of our most commonly requested services and a few examples from our case files. We offer a full investigative service. Experience tells us it is impossible to list every possible scenario as the answer is often “outside of the box” or a combination of different investigative techniques. If you would like FREE advice for your specific case, please call us on 0207 993 5293 and we will guide you toward a cost-effective solution for the problem you are facing.


Vehicle & asset tracking

GPS trackers can be deployed to monitor just about anything, whether it be a vehicle or a pallet of inventory being delivered to Australia. Central Investigations London has over 20 years’ experience at their disposal in modern tracking techniques. We are able to track assets and vehicles in live time to assist you in the problem you are facing. This tracking can be watched on any internet enabled device. Recently we have assisted a major airline client in monitoring spare parts of inventory that had a high asset value but were going missing when despatched through everyday courier companies.

Polygraph (lie detector) tests

A polygraph is designed to test when somebody is telling the truth and consequently also when they are not. Our polygraphists are fully trained and members of the British Polygraphists Association. The tests can be completed at their offices or at your home or workplace. They are accurate to over 90% of the time and can be an excellent investigative resource depending on the circumstance.

Forensic science services

After being in business for over 30 years, Central Investigations London has built up a significant contact list within this field. We have access to some of the countries top experts in many different disciplines of forensic science, including DNA analysis, paternity testing, fingerprint and handwriting analysis and forensic accounting to name a few.

Internet profiling

A broad ranging subject, whether looking at I.P. addresses or privacy and anonymity or social media investigations our private investigators and researchers are used to searching and reporting on the internet activities of individuals and companies..

Evidence of means and lifestyle checks

Can somebody really afford the lifestyle they lead? Are they living beyond their means? As their employer should I be concerned that they are perhaps helping themselves to a little extra to support their lifestyle? Our private detectives are often called in to complete surveillance and look at evidence of means.

Lifestyle checks are slightly different in that the client may be worried that the target is involved with the wrong crowd and they require a peace of mind investigation. For example, recently Central Investigations London office watched a teenager for three days as his parents were concerned about drug involvement and items going missing from the house.

Covert & undercover assignments

The range of covert assignments covered by our London operations team is very wide. From posing as undercover customers for major retailers and mystery shopping to offering undercover security support to identifying people working when they say they are not. In the last 12 months we have investigated all sorts of scenarios from hairdressers to builders to real estate agents. Our private investigators continue to use up-to-date equipment and surveillance techniques to stay ahead of the game. This includes wearing discrete covert cameras. There is an art to wearing this equipment and being able to film the subject of enquiry without bringing attention to yourself and still getting quality footage for the client and to prove the case.

In the past many of our agents have taken covert assignments to aid Child Support maintenance cases where spouses are claiming that they are not working or unable to make payments.

The art of an undercover operative is different to others. A cover story is essential and the agent will often take on a false name and identity to protect his real life. The private investigator has to be a good actor to maintain the story. Gentle, subtle probing and questioning by an experienced undercover agent can often lead to the answers that can break a case. The experience of the private detective in befriending someone and asking the right questions is all important. Some operations may go on for months at a time, for example, in the past we have had an agent who operated undercover for over six months in a leading household brand name retailer who was experiencing major stock losses in their warehouses.

Credit and status enquiries

Is it worth pursuing the “debtor” for the money they owe us? A Pre-Sue Report is one of the most common reports our private detectives are asked to complete. It will take a snapshot and basic look into the financial status of a subject. Have they been bankrupt before or had judgments made against them? Are they credit worthy? Do they own properties or vehicles? It is a precursor and aid to advise somebody in whether they should pursue chasing a debt owed to them, before wasting legal fees and time in trying to collect something that cannot be collected.

The next level of report is the Asset Search, do they have other assets of significant value that can be used to settle the debt owed to us? We need to get the money out of this guy is a statement we hear on a weekly basis. Does he own property? Stocks/shares, cars, boats, planes? Our London and UK private investigators are experts in finding the missing. Surveillance operations backed up with desk based investigation and the use of tracker technology can often have eye widening results.*

Business status reports

Do I really want to award this £20,000 contract to this firm before doing some due diligence. Our private investigators can rifle through company records and histories and do investigations into companies with due diligence far beyond cursory google searches. Is this company in line with our morals and ethics? Do we want to do business with them? Have they or there subsidiaries ever been declared bankrupt or in liquidation? Are the directors of these companies reputable people who I want to do business with?

Our most recent case involved our researchers looking at the financial records and history of a gentleman who was supposedly involved in the alleged supply of retail products from the Middle East. The result was that there were no goods being shipped, the invoicing and companies involved were all false and effectively it was a money laundering scam. Our financial and forensic accounting service were able to provide our client with a report that strengthened their case and the evidence is now being considered for criminal prosecution.

Resume/curriculum vitae verification

Employee checks for major companies. HR firms often employ us to check out CVs along with social media checks and surveillance – is this person who they say they are? Are their qualifications legitimate? Were they really Vice President of Sales? Does this company actually exist? A little bit of due diligence can save a lot of time, money and embarrassment further down the track.

Electronic surveillance and counter-surveillance

The use of listening devices or “bugs” all sounds a little 1980’s Bondesque espionage, but it does happen and perhaps more often than you realise. Company sensitive information from board meetings down to team tactics in a changing room before a premier league match are just some of the things we have been asked to check. Bugs don’t have to just be listening devices, more sophisticated ones may also contain video but the more functionality means the bigger the size of the device and the less covert and effective it may be.

Bug sweeping is a regular activity in several businesses and major blue chip firms concerned over security and intellectual property protection have us conduct regular London bug sweeps in their offices and boardrooms, especially in the light of key personnel or employees leaving their employment. The best security policy includes having regular bug sweeps conducted.

Stalker investigations

Unfortunately, the victims of stalkers are not limited to the rich and famous. At Central Investigations London some of our detectives are former police officers who have high level experience in investigating these matters. Our evidence in the past has been used to aid our clients in getting the police to take action against stalkers. Being the victim of stalking can be a terrifying affair with many people not believing you as it sounds far-fetched. At Central Investigations London our detectives will be sympathetic and give you peace of mind when taking out our services.

Copyright and trademark investigations

Central Investigations London are frequently asked to investigate copyright or trademark infringement. From whether it is the simple use of a trade marked name or phrase to the replication and full manufacture of a patented product, technology or website we are well placed to offer you investigative support.

Criminal defence investigations

Witness tracing and statement taking form a major part of our workload, as well as completing alibi enquiries. As one of the leading London private investigation agencies we are often asked to test Alibi theories by criminal defence lawyers to expose any weaknesses in the clients alibi when it comes to defence at trial. Our experienced team of private detectives can then look at the alibi in question and sometimes even re-enact the whole scenario, for example driving between a number of ATMs at a certain time of night in poor weather conditions to prove that it is possible (or impossible) to complete the journey in the alibi timeframe. This might involve running the scenario three or four times with different private investigator teams so we know the alibi is watertight or has weaknesses. We can then give our professional investigators advice and experience to the defence team for them to prepare their case for their client.

International enquiries

Our London private investigators are able to fly and operate anywhere in the world at relatively short notice. Our surveillance operations take us throughout Europe and further afield on a regular basis. Our investigators always keep our ESTA and visa requirements up to date so we can operate globally.**


Please note, Central Investigations London is not a debt collection agency.

**Please note in certain jurisdictions we have to enlist the help of colleagues and organise local private detectives agencies to comply with local law and licensing for Private Detectives. The role and licensing of Private Detectives and Investigators is different in all parts of the world compared to London and the rules UK Private Investigator have to be abide to