Tracing services include searching for missing persons, finding friends, finding debtors (people who owe you money), tracing workmates, missing beneficiaries of Wills, missing witnesses, locating missing family, tracing adopted children, finding birth parents, recovery of abducted minors, finding missing pets and animals.

At Central Investigations London we specialise in completing specialist difficult trace enquiries including adoption matters. Often you might have very little information but you can be certain you will get our dedicated and sympathetic services as well as a comprehensive appraisal of the likelihood of finding the person with the information you have. Please see our testimonials page.

We offer a GUARANTEE on our tracing services for most enquiries, in that we will refund any fee charged to you if we should be unsuccessful. We will happily give this guarantee in writing after assessing your case. Tracing somebody usually takes between 5 and 7 business days. For more information call 0207 993 5923 or email us on