Theft Investigation Case Study

Our corporate client had become frustrated by a slow police response after reporting an internal theft. It took CID three days to contact and the CCTV of the employee theft had not been collected eight days after, despite being ready and burnt to CD only 2 hours after discovering the theft!


Our investigations team set to work by meeting with the clients. We reviewed the CCTV footage clearly showing the employee theft in progress. The only thing that remained was to find the guilty employee and have him detained. We took what particulars they had for the member of staff and started work.

Unfortunately the individual had only worked for the company for a short period of time. He had already moved out of the supplied address (due to being unable to pay his bills). Our investigators uncovered a number of leads through general background enquiries. They also utilised social media investigation techniques and found a number of contacts. As is usual in these matters, a number of investigation leads came to dead ends.

Our investigation then uncovered that he was already wanted by the police on other matters. He was wanted for failing to appear in court and had a warrant out for his arrest. He was also wanted in relation to similar theft patterns as we were investigating.

With further investigation into the theft we eventually found the suspect’s girlfriend. She had moved outside of London and back to her parents’ address. This correlated with other evidence that the suspect had moved to a new area. At the time it had meant nothing when discovered, but all investigations are like a jigsaw puzzle and only make sense when in the correct place.

We shared this information with our client and the police handling the case. Unfortunately the police only telephoned the parents who denied their daughter being present or knowing she was back in the area. After this, we conducted our own enquiries and attended at the premises to ask questions of the parents. The intuition of our trained investigators made them realise the parents were not being forthcoming and withholding information from us.

Our client instructed us to conduct surveillance. We monitored the parents’ address and another friends address to watch who was coming and going. Within 48 hours we had found the girlfriend staying in a bedsit around the corner. We had also discovered the vehicle she was using and fitted a GPS tracker to monitor her movements.

After 4 days of surveillance the vehicle went to a train station in the nearest town and waited for approzimately 15 minutes before returning to the home address. Our operatives watched the car arrive and our suspect was in the passenger seat. When he entered the house he was carrying a holdall which was recognised as the bag used to remove the cash during the theft.

Our detectives then monitored the movements of the suspect until the police could arrive and arrest him.

The suspect had stolen over £11,000. Our client was able to recover £8,500. Although the client did not get all of their money back, at least the suspect was caught. He awaits sentencing but we would expect him to receive a custodial sentence.

Preventing Employee Theft

Preventing theft in the workplace starts before the employee begins work for you.

Although our clients had attempted to take references regarding the employee. Some further professional background checks we complete would have saved our employee considerable time and money.

If employees are going to be handling cash, always consider getting a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) completed. Incorporating this with a full background and CV check will improve the chances of you not having to go through a similar experience. A little money spent now on a few background checks can save a fortune before it all goes wrong.

Many of our experienced detectives also have security background. For many corporate clients we also conduct reviews of security systems and processes to ensure the chances of theft and security breaches are minimised.

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